GyroCOPTER, Gyroplane PILOT FLIGHT training.

Company: Diversified Rotorcraft LLC  (NEW)
Name: Matt Van Pelt
E-mail: m.vanpelt [at]
Phone: 3525522551
Country: USA; State: USA, Oregon, Newberg
Gyro Types: RAF 2000, Bensen, Calidus, Xenon, Air Gyro, ELA, Parsons, Magni
CFIIME, Airplanes, Helicopters and Gyroplanes. Low rates and maintenance services in the Pacific Northwest. I can help you with your purchase. Non owned aircraft insurance carrier.

Company: Illiana Aero LLC
Name: John K. Snider 
E-mail: jsnider737 (at)
Phone & Fax: 812-890-8257
Country: USA; State: IN; City: VINCENNES
Gyro Types : RAF 2000 GTXSE with horizontal stabilizer
I can give training to any level of potential gyroplane student from student sport pilot to flight instructor.
Training is conducted from a 2000 foot grass strip located 15 miles south of Vincennes, IN. Numerous hotel accommodations are available in Vincennes and also in Princeton, IN 12 miles south.      

Company: Have Gyro Will Travel, Flt. Trng
Name: Dofin A. Fritts,
E-mail: gyrocfi (at)
Phone & Fax: 850 587 2504, 261 867 9446, fax 850 587 5728
Country: USA; State: Florida; City: Pensacola area and Alabama, Brewton Municipal Airport, Al (12J)
Gyro Types : RAF2000, Air Command side X side, soon Parson two place tandem
Located at Brewton, Alabama Municipal Airport, on the Florida/Alabama boarder, just north of the snow white sand beaches of Pensacola, FL. We Train folks to fly and help in building their own gyroplanes!! The location is perfect for training and affords the chance for a family vacation while training or building your gyroplane
Available Services
Flight Training,
Gyroplane Kit sales,
Builder Assist with construction, rebuild or refit.
Pre-owned gyroplane sales
Flight training
$130.00 per flight hour includes 1 hour ground
Block times available when paid for in advance
5 hour block $600.00, savings of $50.00
10 hour block $1100.00, savings of $200.00
Builder Assist RAF2000gtxse, $7,500.00
Fly into the Pensacola, regional airport, hotels and accommodations available within 6 miles of Airport.

Company: Magni USA, L.L.C
E-mail: gyrocfi (at)
Phone & Fax: 573-883-3541
Country: USA; State: Missouri; City: Ste. Genevieve
Gyro Types : Magni M-16 Tandem Trainer
Train for Sport Pilot up to Instructor ratings. Very comfortable and reasonable motel accommodations available. Current anti-terrorism rules allow us to provide training for U.S. citizens only. 

Company: CFI Gyroplane
Name: Rick Abercrombie
E-mail: speedracerrick (at)
Phone & Fax: Home 770-474-1436 Cell 770-312-1166
Country: USA; State: Georgia; City: Stockbridge
Gyro Types: AAI Sparrowhawk
I offer training from introductory flight lessons, Sport pilot training, Private pilot , commercial pilot and CFI instruction. I train at Covington, Ga. witch is about 30 miles east of Atlanta, Ga.
I have been flying gyroplanes for over 25 years and have over 4000 hours total. I fly helicopters airplanes, gliders and hang gliders as well as ultralights. So if you are flying any of these, I can relate the differences to flying a Gyroplane. 

Company: Name: Silas Smith
E-mail: silasfsmith (at)
Phone & Fax: 219-374-4604
Country: USA; State: Illinois City: Lansing
Gyro Types: Side by side Marchetti Avenger
Training is at the Lansing IL airport located near the intersection of I-80 and 394, 30 miles South of Chicago. There is an abundance of local hotels, and the city of Chicago is a short drive away, which offers a wide variety of family entertainment options. 

Company: Sport Copter, Inc.
Name: John Hardy CFI
E-mail: information (at)
Phone & Fax: 503.543.7000
Country: USA;  Scappoose, OR 97056 
Gyro Types: Vortex 2 Tandem
Located at the Scappoose Airport in Scappoose, Oregon; about 30 minutes west of Portland. We offer a full flight training program, as well as gyroplane kit sales and service.
Our rate is $130.00 / hr. for flight training, and $50.00 / hr. for ground school. Hotel accommodations with in 1/2 mile of airport. Call us for more information 503.543.7000 

Company: American Autogyros of Denver
Name: John Revenboer
E-mail: johnrevenboer (at)
Phone & Fax: 303 663-2237
Country: USA, Colorado, Denver
Gyro Types: Sparrow Hawk Fixed Wing Types: H300
Sport Pilot, Private and Commercial Pilot Gyroplane. Local Hotel accommodations $36.00 USD/night, close to local restaurants. Skiing only an hour away in the mountains.

Company: Airgyro Aviation
E-mail: info (at)
Phone & Fax: 801-794-3434
Country: USA, UT, Spanish Fork
Gyro Types: SparrowHawk
Fixed Wing Types: Diamond Eclipse (Private, Instrument), Beechcraft ME (Commercial)
We have 2 Full-Time CFI instructors for Gyroplanes, and also provide beginner to advance pilot training in fixed wing. We currently have 2 SparrowHawk Gyroplanes for Sale and a Velocity XL-5. We have corporate rates at the Marriott and Hampton Inn, and the Days Inn is real close as well. Contact us for information 

Company: System Supplier Aviation (MEXICO)
E-mail: systemsupp (at)
Phone & Fax: PH: 52(55)5744-8812 FX:5745-7570
Country: MEXICO/Mexico City/DF
Gyro Types: Tandem ELA-07 dual stick
Fixed Wing Types: None
1) PPL(G)#PP/430704F/G
2) PPL (Fix Wing SCT/MEX)#200600282
3) PPL (UL) # ULTRALIGRERO ( Pending)

Company: SEd's Gyros
E-mail: ednewbold (at)
Phone & Fax: PH: 614-207-3909
Country: USA Ohio Columbus
Gyro Types: RAF 2000 and TwinStarr
Fixed Wing Types: All fixed wing (SEL) plus my Challenger II
I will provide you with both Sport Pilot and Private Pilot flight training in either gryroplanes or fixed-wing aircraft. I prefer to use my RAF 2000, but will train you in your aircraft too. I service all of Ohio and the surrounding areas.

Company: Arnold L. Sperling
E-mail: arnold.sperling (at)
Phone & Fax: 508 358 5707
Country: USA/Massachusetts/Wayland
Gyro Types: all including A&S 18A
Fixed Wing Types: Airplane, Seaplane, single, multi, Helicopter, instrument

Name: Michael Burton
E-mail: gyroinstructor @
Phone: 801.794.3434 801.7696404
Country: USA, Utah, Spanish Fork
Gyro Types : Magni, ELA, Sycamore
Other Aircraft Types : Not specified
You found a Gyroplane Flight instructor. Several motels are within 5 miles of the airport. Spanish fork is in Utah Valley surrounded by mountains. It is a beautiful place to fly.

Name: Paul Salmon, CFI
E-mail: psalmonmd (at)
Phone: 573-334-8268 or 573-270-5388
Country: USA, Missouri, Cape Girardeau
Gyro Types : Magni M16
Other Aircraft Types : R22, R44
We provide Helicopter flight instruction from Private through CFI. Check out our website at 

Name: Paul Patterson
E-mail: paulpatterson1 [at]
Phone: 405-826-8443
Country: USA oklahoma Oklahoma city
Gyro type: RAF 2000 GTX
Information :
Training thru the sportpilot level in an RAF 2000. Flights from KGOK. Food and Lodging within 2 miles of the airfield.